Lighting Solutions from Design to Installation

Design a Solution
Contact us and tell us what your challenge is. Then the CLS team designs the right complete lighting solution to that challenge.

Execute the Solution
Once the solution is designed, our commercial lighting specialists will go to work for you putting the solution together and getting it implemented.

Evaluate the Solution
CLS will continually evaluate the effectiveness of your solution to make sure it answers your challenges and meets your goals.

Maintain the Solution
We support and maintain our solutions. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of improved facilities for years to come!

Energy Efficiency
Bright Lighting Warehouse

Explore the process we take to insure our clients receive the most savings and quality products.

1. Scheduling A visit

Make an appointment to visit the facility and see exactly what they want done. Look at all existing lights and make recommendations on the best lights to install that will give them their desired outcome. Count/verify the quantity of lights that will be replaced.

2. Recommendations

Make recommendations on other lighting they may have that could be upgraded. For example, if they called and wanted interior lighting upgrade, see if there is an opportunity with outside building or parking lot lighting that will increase security and visibility.

3. Savings Analysis

Provide them with an analysis of estimated energy savings when upgrade is completed. Determine if they are eligible to participate in rebate programs from their utility company. Present to owners or CFO, what alternatives they have for paying for the project.
If they are eligible for rebates let them know what their total cost will be. Determine if they want to fund it out of cash flow or if they want to finance it from savings realized from their reduction of their utility bill.

4. Financing options

If they are eligible for rebates let them know what their total cost will be. Determine if they want to fund it out of cash flow or if they want to finance it from savings realized from their reduction of their utility bill.

5. Contract

Once all aspects of the projects have been determined, present a contract to be signed.

6. completion

Complete the scope of work.

Rebate And Financing Programs

Here’s a few Rebate and Financing Programs CLS works with. We will determine which program would be the best fit.


Allumia is a company that will completely finance a project with no upfront costs from the business. Allumia determines the quantity of existing light fixtures are in the project. They determine the current number of hours the lighting is on. This will determine the current watts being used. They will then look at the new fixtures being installed and how many watts the fixtures will use. They then will figure the total watts being saved and convert that into total savings. They install energy meters in the electrical panels to verify watts being saved.

Allumia will figure fixture costs, labor install costs, and add a finance charge to determine the total cost of the project. Allumia is then paid back by the cost savings generated. Allumia will not take the entire cost saving each month but a percentage of the savings until the project is paid off.


Midstream is a rebate program that is determined by what lighting fixture that is currently in The rebate is determined by the number of fixtures being replaced; the customer pays a minimum of 25% of the incentive.


Smart Path is rebate program and the rebate is determined by the total amount of watts saved. If the business’s lighting operated for extended hours, or a second or third shift the rebate would be higher because there would be a greater number of watts saved.

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We work with many different industries. From design to installation, Commercial Lighting Services is able to help businesses get the commercial LED lighting they need.


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Amazing things happen when we connect those dots of utility and value!

LED lighting offers many benefits for industrial and commercial businesses that are interested in reducing their energy usage and costs. Here are some advantages of LED lights:


Save energy with LED lighting. They are the way to go to brighten up any space. They’re also energy-efficient and long-lasting. Compared with conventional light bulbs, they save 80% energy and can last around 25% longer.


LED lighting provides many environmental advantages, including being energy efficient, producing zero toxic elements. LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent and incandescent lights.


LED lighting is considerably cheaper than incandescent lighting and fluorescent lighting. LED lighting requires less fixtures and longer life span to save money! We use quality lighting to make your dollar last longer!


CLS has high standards when it comes to choosing the right products. You can be confident that we not only provide quality products but also provide quality installation.

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